Russell Crowe and Flora Tea

The Power of Social Media


There was great excitement in my office this morning - news came to me that the Gladiator himself, Russell Crowe was sipping a beverage in a pub in Chatham. Just 50 miles or so from where I was sitting!

So, how did I know that? Did someone call me? Did I have a sixth sense? No, Twitter. Kent Online updates me about what is going on in my county at breakneck speed. In the world of PR it pays to know what is going on, as it happens.

PR is all about conversations really. These days it is so much more than just Press Releases. I think they are outdated. A good eye catching article with all of the right keywords within it on a well publicised website or blog is incredibly successful.

So here’s a thing. John took me out this last Saturday morning for a treat! We went to Sara’s Tea Room in Deal where they make and sell sumptuous chocolates of all shapes and flavours. I spotted a menu on the table advertising Floral Teas. Now, I like to try things that are a bit different, so I explored further.

In no time I had ordered what can only be described as an experience in a glass. Green Tea, Lily and Jasmine. Michelle (lovely lady who served us) brought out what looked like a walnut covered in boiling water. She told me to wait a few minutes.

Then it started to happen! In front of my eyes this amazing floral display opened up in my glass and gave me one of the best teas I have had in years – ever had actually!

That was it. I was hooked! So, John and I explored further (by the way, he had a hot chocolate – lightweight!). We found www.floratea.com. As we sat marvelling, other people in the tea rooms started talking about this phenomenon and admiring my new discovery. I loved the fact it was creating it’s own PR!

That night I followed Flora Tea on Twitter and Facebook and told them of my excitement at their product. I put their website on my Facebook and told my 350 friends. Flora Tea tweeted me back and so would have gathered more followers from mine.

On Sunday, I went into Mamma Feelgoods Tea Rooms in Bekesbourne, told them about it and then tweeted the same to Flora Tea, recommending a link-up!

photo43150Today I took my friend Frances into Sara’s to share the experience – and here I am talking about it on my blog!

So what am I saying? The power of social media is underestimated by too many. A simple cup of tea served to right person at the right time, by the right person can mean so much more than the benefit of just that one customer.

So who is taking about you? Are they saying the right thing? Who else are they talking to? Attention to what is going on in your social media is worth a huge amount and it grows and grows. If you do it right, it can be the best investment of time or money that you have ever made.

Flora Tea are getting people talking about them. Are you?

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