Xposure is delighted to announce that they will now be working with The Body Retreat.

Juls Abernethy and Julie Brealy joined forces some years ago to bring health, relaxation, fitness and weightloss to women everywhere. They offer a range of programmes to suit the person and the purse and are the UK's only luxury, residential health, weight loss and wellbeing retreat run exclusively by women for women. 

They have asked Xposure to come on board to build their profile and raise their exposure in this popular market.

JIll Tipping said:

We are thrilled to be working with The Body Retreat. More and more emphasis is now being put on looking after the body and mind and the media is constantly bringing attention to the dangers of not doing so. This is a great time of year to join the team and we are looking forward to attending one of the retreats to sample first hand The Body Retreat experience.

The Body Retreat offer retreats to aid weightloss, de-stressing and fitness as well as a number of weekend bootcamps. Their venues, the the UK and aborad, are luxurious and many of their clients return again and again to top up the experience.




Julie is a certified Personal Trainer, Master Kettlebell Trainer, Running & Sports coach and Weight Management & Obesity Specialist and premier designer of some of the top weight loss bootcamps in the UK. Julie has work and studied health and fitness for over 15 years and what sets Julie apart from other trainers is her down to earth attitude and incredible motivation techniques to inspire everyone she works with to reach goals they never thought possible.

Juls had a varied professional career, from Catering & Hospitality Management to HR and Training Director. It was during her HR career that Juls developed a real interest in self-improvement techniques in particular the relationships between thoughts and behaviours and habit formation and this lead to her studying Neuro Linguistic Programming to Master level. It was then that Juls decided that she wanted to use her behaviour coaching skills in a holistic way and began training as a Hypnotherapist at the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and now specialises in women’s well being and weight management.

Both Julie and Juls are avialble for comment in their areas of expertise. They also welcome journalists to attend their retreats for review purposes.

Please contact Xposure for more details.

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Chris Hillary of Fitness Frenzi, one of the few male Zumba instructors in the Kent area, knows how to keep his classes alive, vibrant and full! After qualifying less than a year ago, Chris now offers 10 classes in the East Kent area and will be getting involved with a wide range of activities in the near future.


Xposure is making sure that Chris's unique talents to inspire and motivate are being noticed by the right people. As his client base and opportunitites grow, Xposure will be working alongside Chris to maximise his potential and help him develop his business in line with his vision.


Chris said

'I am ready to take my business to the next level and Xposure is helping me to get things prioritised and to see a clear way forward. There is so much we are looking at doing together. I am really excited about the future and can't wait to get started.'



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Dementia Care At It's Worst
Trisha King

I was absolutely appalled to watch the Panorama programme last night about a home caring for patients with dementia. Suspecting rough treatment, a resident’s daughter concealed a hidden camera in her mother’s room and she was shocked to the core when she saw the footage. Read more



Snowdon and Sky Tv
Lee Veasey

I have been really busy over the past couple of weeks.

I am really enjoying working with the A Year to Save my Life team. Sky TV have asked me back to help out one of the contributors with their fitness regime, and I am LOVING IT! Read More



One of the Three Muskateers
James McIntosh

In France they would be Athos, Porthos and Aramis, but in China they are Chakall, Jimmy and yours truly.

In 2009 we co-presented a 20 part tv series for China Food TV called “Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2″. We travelled on a bus with 13 members of TV crew for 40 days and to be honest I struggled. The TV series won Best TV series in China at the China TV Awards in December past and the book (in both Chinese and English) tells of our travels. Read More



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18 months ago Lee Veasey weighed in at over 34 stone! At 29 years old his health was in critical danger and he knew he had to do something about it - fast! After spotting an article in the Sun, Lee applied for the Sky TV series - Obese: A Year to Save my Life.

Lee is now a slim 22 stone and is still loosing weight. He is now a personal trainer and public speaker helping other people to make life saving changes.

Xposure is delighted to be working with Lee in his quest to use his story to change peoples attitudes, motivations and lifestyles.









Lee and his 'former self'. Ripley and Heanor News

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Xposure is working with a National Breakfast TV show who are looking for a family to take part in their New Year health segment.

The family needs to have 2 children under the age of 16 and be able to admit that as a family they are not as healthy as they could be. They will be be overweight and generally unfit. The programme will then work with them to make small changes to improve their health, fitness and sense of well being which will be tracked throughout January on the show.

Ideally the family needs to be based in the Kent area.

If you are interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ASAP as filming needs to start next week. Please send your family details, contact details and a short story of where you are now with your health levels.


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